Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding Favors

Instead of giving out favors at the wedding that people tend to throw away or not have much use for, JMC and I opted to give a donation to one of our favorite charities, Camp Kesem NC.

Camp Kesem is a camp for kids with chronically ill parents. It gives these children some time away of their typically hectic lives, always having to worry day to day about the well being of their mom or dad. For one week these kids meet or reconnect with other kids who understand what they are going through, something that they rarely find anywhere else.

JMC's fraternity has been raising money for Camp Kesem for years now and many of their members serve as counselors at the camp alongside other UNC and Duke students. JMC and his brother, JBC, as well as a number of our close friends have served as counselors and point to their experience with the camp as one of the best things they have ever done.

While we had considered giving out favors like personalized pint glasses or matchbooks, we felt that this was more representative of what we care about and would mean a lot more to our guests.

Opinions on pros and cons of physical favors vs. a donation?

New City, New Stress Level.

I'll tell you what, changing cities and planning a wedding while working full-time is quite the task that has left my Google Reader with 856 unread blog posts and none written on my own since I got to Charlotte.

My new job is going well and the wedding is less than 3 months away! Where have the last few months gone?

Since we have been back in Charlotte, JMC and I have set our reception and rehearsal dinner menus, picked our cake, lived with our parents for a month or so, and moved in with friends who were generous enough to lend us space for the time being. I had my bridal portraits done, we are about to assemble and send out our invitations, I had a bridal shower, we had a couple's shower, and our wedding rings are in! We also found out that JMC's job is moving him to New Jersey 4 days out of the week for 6 months... nothing like throwing a wrench in the plans! 

Things have been so crazy that I haven't had a minute to even consider writing on my blog. How anyone sticks with this consistently through the wedding planning process, I don't know! More power to you.

So now that things are slowing down and I finally have a few minutes to spare (for the time being), I'm going to try and catch up on a few posts about plans we have finalized and other things that have been going on. Stay tuned for more!