Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Congratulations BAW!

Not only did we have a million things going on this summer with the wedding, my little brother graduated from high school as well! Crazy how time flies!

Here is my favorite picture of him:

Now he's all grown up!! With a beard and all!! I like to call him "Gingerbeard" because although he and I both have pretty blonde hair, we have the reddish undertones of our Irish roots.

Here he is (kind of blurry) walking across the stage to get his diploma:

Here he is at signing day. He will be playing soccer for Queens University in the fall. We moved him into his dorm last weekend and they have already started practicing for the season. His first game is this Sunday and JMC and I are going when I get back from Charleston! 

I love you and you're the greatest brother I could ever ask for! I'm such a lucky big sister! And so proud of what you've done and surely will do in the future!

Wedding Countdown. 45 Days.

Leading up to the wedding, our summer has been packed full of things to do.

First, JMC graduated from his masters program! He started his new job in July. Here we are outside the business school:

As an engagement gift, some of JMC's friends bought us a flight tour over Charlotte! We flew over Lake Norman and I got to fly the plane!!! And we didn't wreck!

Then, in early June, my maid of honor, KPB, threw me a bridal shower with the help of other bridesmaids and friends. It turned out just gorgeous! Here are a few highlights:

SRC, me, KPB (matron and maid of honor)
My mom, me, Mrs. C
Sweet Phi Mu Friends
Adorable straws made by KPB (flags say "here comes the bride")
Gorgeous decorations and burlap "C" made by a bridesmaid, AKB
Cute mason jars :)
Next was my cousin's wedding, which turned out completely amazing. She was a stunning bride and worked so hard on it all, and the outcome couldn't have been better. So happy for her and her husband!

The wedding party at the ceremony site
Bridesmaids pic!
 At the end of June, my parents' group of friends threw JMC and I a couple's shower that was so much fun! They brought the cutest little signs that we took pictures with all day:

Love you mommy!
Matron of Honor, SRC. Literally don't know what I would do without her.
Just last week, SRC and her husband, JTC, threw JMC and I another couple's shower. We had dinner at Nolen Kitchen in Charlotte and then went out for drinks at Selwyn Pub, which is right next door. Definitely two places I would recommend to anyone coming to Charlotte. SRC ordered the MOST DELICIOUS cupcakes I have ever had from Cupcake Delirium, a cupcake truck in Charlotte. I am really not a big cake or cupcake person, but the Banana Pudding cupcakes were literally one of the best desserts I have ever had. I have been craving one ever since. Unfortunately, we didn't end up taking very many pictures, but here is the gorgeous centerpiece that SRC made (please excuse the instagram filter hehe):

I guess it's pretty obvious how busy we have been this summer. Not that we weren't expecting it with our wedding right around the corner! This weekend is my bachelorette in Charleston and JMC's bachelor party in Charlotte, so we should both have a complete blast! 15 of us will be staying in a house on Isle of Palms for a MUCH needed vacation. The rest of this week (and every day until 9/29) is FULL of wedding plans, finalizations, etc. Its CRUNCH TIME!