Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Congratulations BAW!

Not only did we have a million things going on this summer with the wedding, my little brother graduated from high school as well! Crazy how time flies!

Here is my favorite picture of him:

Now he's all grown up!! With a beard and all!! I like to call him "Gingerbeard" because although he and I both have pretty blonde hair, we have the reddish undertones of our Irish roots.

Here he is (kind of blurry) walking across the stage to get his diploma:

Here he is at signing day. He will be playing soccer for Queens University in the fall. We moved him into his dorm last weekend and they have already started practicing for the season. His first game is this Sunday and JMC and I are going when I get back from Charleston! 

I love you and you're the greatest brother I could ever ask for! I'm such a lucky big sister! And so proud of what you've done and surely will do in the future!

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