Saturday, July 23, 2011

Must-Haves for Basic Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, I'm not big on bulky pieces. While I love some sparkle or bright color in an accessory, its the most basic pieces that usually draw my eye. Here are a few things that tend to be my staple jewelry items:

Tiffany Pearls. Earrings, bracelet, necklace. Do I really need to say more?

Kate Spade Basic Stud Earrings. They come in round and square, as well as transparent or opaque. The Round ones are called "Gumdrops" and the square ones are "Sweet Nothings." I have these in about eight different colors (mostly thanks to JMC's mom). but my favorite pair might be the round emerald green ones, which happened to be my first pair. They are the best basic earrings that I own, besides my Tiffany pearls of course.

Michael Kors Watches. Before I graduated a couple months ago, there were very few girls that I knew who didn't own a Michael Kors watch. Personally, I have the rose gold one that JMC got me for Valentine's Day (shown at the right). I also have a tortoise shell watch that I love, but its the one made by Fossil. As much as my watch was a fashion statement at first, I have grown addicted to it and have learned to tell time on it without having to stare at the face for 5 minutes (I've had to learn, since its pretty awkward when someone asks you what time it is because you have a watch on and you pull out your cell phone - totally guilty).

Kate Spade Idiom Bangles.
The two that I have are the "A Shining Light" and "A Feather In Your Cap" (both shown at right). These bangles are SOOO cute. Just enough pattern and design to attract the eye, but not too much as to overwhelm an outfit. Plus, they have the cutest sayings inside!

Alexis Bittar Tapered Bangles. I own four of these and have already bought one for one of my best friends (KPB) as a gift for her birthday! I have light blue, silver, black, and a tealish-green (most recent addition to the collection that JMC got me for our anniversary). I bought KPB a blush pink one that I hope she loved. These bangles are the most basic bracelets that go with EVERYTHING. I'm coveting the gold one right now.

A basic statement necklace. This may seem like a contradictory statement, but in all seriousness, every girl needs a necklace that will go with almost anything while still taking an outfit up a notch. My favorite necklace has to be the one that JMC's sister-in-law got me for Christmas from Ann Taylor LOFT. Its a simple medium-length, bronze-colored metal chain with a couple clusters of rhinestones. For those of you who have HandPicked nearby, I have found some great, unique pieces there for very low prices.

What are your basic jewelry staples?

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