Friday, July 22, 2011


I had the most epic burger for dinner last night.

First of all, Sandwhich is a pretty well-established restaurant in Chapel Hill. For those of you who know the area, it used to be located in The Courtyard behind Penang, but it somewhat recently relocated to the small building right next to McDonalds on Franklin Street. Their gourmet sandwich selection is to die for!

Its funny, because usually when I go to Sandwhich, I get the Outrageous BLT (roasted jalapenos, avocado, bacon, L, T, etc), and I didn't actually know that the restaurant had burgers. I guess I should have paid more attention to the neon sign that says "hamburgers" in the window?

Boy was I missing out. Last night, I ordered Sandwhich to be delivered to my house by Tar Heel Takeout. I never ordered from Tar Heel Takeout ONCE when I was in college (mostly because there is a $5 delivery fee), but as I sat here on my couch watching Bones and not wanting to leave until I found out who at Dr. Brennan's class reunion murdered two girls from their graduating class, I finally decided that I was lazy busy enough to pay someone extra money to bring my food to me.

So I was looking at the menu and I didn't want to order the same old thing that I usually do... and then I saw they had burgers. AND THEN I saw they had an Outrageous Burger... AKA my favorite sandwich in BURGER form. I can only imagine the geniuses in their kitchen conspiring: "How can we make this delicious sandwich even better?" and the only logical answer was "add hand-formed, all-natural hormone & antibiotic free beef, cooked medium." On top of all that deliciousness, they add this stuff they call 'whichsauce... which I cannot even begin to describe (maybe because I ate the burger too fast).

Long story short, you should totally get a burger at Sandwhich. Even if you don't like jalapenos and avocado and all that stuff, they have other burgers too that have to be just as delicious.

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