Friday, October 14, 2011

Charlotte Venues

JMC and I both grew up in Charlotte, so it only made sense that we get married there. We are both obsessed with our hometown and wouldn't have it any other way. Just look at how beautiful it is...

JMC headed to the Queen City yesterday for another office visit for a potential job, and I'm making my way down there today after work. Which seems like its coming at the speed of smell. I swear, every day this week has felt like a day later, which is the worst way for a week to be. Thursdays that feel like Fridays are COMPLETELY the worst, because I kept having to remind myself that I had to be at work again today for another 8 hours. Blegh.

I'm just so excited to get to Charlotte that I can't even stand it. 

Our main goal for the weekend is to find a ceremony and reception site. There are a few places that we have been looking at online, but we plan on going to visit them in person so that hopefully we can set an official date! We are also taking a trip to the jeweler to get my gorgeous ring cleaned and to pick out wedding bands. Yay!

Here are a couple of the venues we are trying to check out:

Byron's South End

The Charlotte Museum of History

The Palmer Building

Our wedding promises to be pretty big, especially since we are both such recent college graduates that we are still in touch with all of our friends from undergrad. Not to mention, we have big families! So we are going to have to accommodate a large party, but the more, the merrier! 

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