Friday, October 7, 2011

Guess What?!?!

We're Engaged!!!

JMC is the most amazing man that I have ever met and I couldn't be happier about spending the rest of my life with him.

The proposal was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. And the RING is to DIE for! I have never been so surprised in my life. I had literally just been talking to my cousin who just got engaged about how I didn't think it would happen for a couple more months. I even boasted that I thought I would know because I would be able to tell by his nervousness. But the guy was calm as can be. Just like any other Tuesday. Little did I know October 4th, 2011 would be such an important date in our life together.

I'm still basically speechless about the situation, and I stumble over my words every time I retell the romantic story. I couldn't even concentrate at work yesterday and ended up going home to my fiancé right around lunch time. I'm hoping I can make up for the time in these last two days of the work week, but I'm pretty sure at least 2 hours per day will be devoted to being distracted by this gorgeous thing on my hand.

The past few days have been full of phone calls and emails and skyping and lunch dates. I couldn't be more excited about the year to come, as well as the many years to come that I get to spend with my best friend in the whole world.

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