Friday, August 12, 2011

My wait is FINALLY over...

I ordered a new computer!!! I have needed a new computer basically since I graduated from high school. Although I tremendously appreciated the 17-inch widescreen computer that I have been lugging around for the past 4 years, I am long overdue for something more portable.

Thanks to tax-free weekend in NC and being a university employee, I saved like $200 on my brand-spanking-new MacBook Pro that will be arriving to me in the mail very very soon.

UPDATE (read in Unsolved Mysteries voice): My computer is arriving earlier than expected!!! I've been checking the FedEx tracking system religiously, and when I looked yesterday it said it was still in China. But THEN I looked this morning and ITS OUT FOR DELIVERY... and since I have to work, they have this great option for me to have them drop it off at the store and I can pick it up on my way home from work! YIPEE! Looks like I'm not doing anything productive tonight!!

I imagine as I open the box, rays of light will emit from it and I will hear angels singing in the background...

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