Wednesday, August 31, 2011


First of all, I have to give credit to my roommate, VBG, for the idea for a post about keychains.

Maybe what annoys JMC the most is the fact that I can never find my keys. Not because they're ever lost, but because they get misplaced in the bottom of my gigantic Longchamp, often seeming never to be found again. His favorite move is the one where I lift my knee to rest my bag on it to get a better view of every corner of my bag (totally guilty). It has gotten infinitely worse since my bright red pepper spray got taken at a concert and I no longer have that contrast that had served as my guiding light towards where my keys might be resting. Now, I need something that will stand out when I'm digging, making it easier for me to locate my keys (and diminish the amount of time JMC has to wait outside my car/apartment for me to unlock the door).

In searching for a good keychain, you have to consider the fact that you're going to be using your keys ALL THE TIME, throwing them around, laying them places, etc. Therefore, they are going to get dirty. Period. I would probably avoid anything white or pastel, as well as anything that might chip easily.

Here are my picks for cute, practical keychains:

This acrylic monogrammed keychain will be sturdy and won't show scratches very easily. It's big enough so that it will stand out in the bottom of your purse, but not overwhelmingly bulky. Plus, anything with a monogram is automatically better.

The needlepoint keychains from Smathers & Branson are classic and adorable. You can choose from a ridiculous number of design options, including patterns and colorfully stitched items like animals, flags, etc. You also have the option of getting a monogram added to the other side! They are smaller, but can be bright and colorful enough to stand out in almost any bag.

There are some Etsy shops and other online places where you can order the supplies to stitch your own needlepoint keychains (and other needlepoint products), which is what VBG is going to do. She is making one with a black lab on it because she just got a new puppy (named Maybelle who is AWESOME)! VBG is also making MB a needlepoint collar that is going to be absolutely adorable (and hopefully she won't chew on this one like she did her Lilly one).

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