Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday JMC!

Happy 22nd Birthday to JMC!

We have this agreement that 21 is the last birthday that you REALLY have to look forward to. After that, you just get older without getting anything fun for it (besides retirement, of course). So, I am going to bask in the fact that I am stil 21, because come November, its all over. 

Speaking of JMC, be sure to check out his blog, BrewNC!

To celebrate JMC's birthday, we are going to DC for the weekend with two of our friends, who both went to high school with us (and middle school with me). It promises to be a fun-filled weekend with lots of museums, awesome restaurants, and bars! If you have any suggestions of places to go, let me know. I have already been told that I have to get Julia's Empanadas and I'm thinking about trying to catch a cool food truck. And there is no way I'm missing out on a trip to Taylor Gourmet. I wish I had a Taylor Gourmet inside my house (but then I would be enormous from eating too many risotto balls).

We are driving, but DC is only about 4.5 hours from Chapel Hill, so it shouldn't be too terrible. I will be sleeping in the car (I hope JMC reads this so he has a head's up).

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