Friday, March 9, 2012

Swimsuit Season!

As much as I hate putting on a swimsuit, I am getting quite excited about this swimsuit season. I am never one to go out and spend a lot on a bathing suit and I usually only get one every year (or every couple years). Since I don't buy many, I tend to play it safe and it turns out that most of my swimsuits end up being black (when otherwise I rarely even wear black).

This year is different, because I get to buy suits for our HONEYMOON! Since its a special occasion, I want to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, maybe spend a little more than I usually would on a bathing suit and buy something (within reason) that I normally wouldn't consider.

The biggest problem that I have with bathing suits is that I'm big on top, so I have to choose very wisely.

So here are my bathing suit qualifications:

1. No tube tops/bandeaus UNLESS there is a hefty halter attachment or something.
2. Nothing that contains the word "string."
3. Must cover my hind parts liberally, but not too liberally (none of that high-waist junk or boy shorts).
4. Underwires are a plus.
5. As much as I wish they worked for me, "full-coverage" tops tend to make me feel too old. I bought one once and even my dad thought it was too much coverage. And if anyone knows how over-protective my dad is, that is a BIG deal.
6. Separates are preferable. I usually need a smaller pair of bottoms than top.

Just bought this Neon Peach seersucker bathing suit from J. Crew and I LOVE it. The top fits perfectly and comes with spaghetti straps AND a halter strap. The bottoms are adorable as well, with the same ruffle along the top of them as is on the bra top.
Since the other J. Crew underwire top worked so well for me, I am thinking about getting another one. I love their tulle line and this jewel-tone green is just gorgeous. AND, bathing suits are on sale at J. Crew right now with free shipping!

Every bride needs a white bathing suit for the honeymoon, let's be honest. I love this Victoria's Secret bandeau top because it has underwires (that aren't obvious!). And it has removable padding (which I would be removing).

Just looking at these is making me dream of next October, when I will be laying on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii in my fabulous new bathing suits with a brand new wedding band and a different last name!


  1. I found you through the Southern Weddings bride blogger roll! I was added today, too. I can definitely relate with the swimsuit top dilemma. I'm looking now, I'm heavy up top but also thicker than I'd like to be through the middle so I found some great tankini tops from Victoria's Secret last year and just paired them with cute bottoms I'd pick up anywhere. But this year I'm trying to find some with no straps to avoid ugly tan lines, not sure how that will go, though, gravity is not our friend! Best of luck!

  2. I found you through the SW bride blogger too and was added today too! I completely understand how you feel about swimsuits too. As much as I think bandeau tops are cute they just don't flatter my body...I've never really been into buying pricier suits since you only wear them a few times a year but I'm fine with splurging for the honeymoon too! I love this post and can't wait to read the rest of yours since I'm following you now!