Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jewelry Obsessed.

Thanks to my future-mother-in-law and my future-sister-in-law, I have become jewelry obsessed.

I just can't help it. Its turning into a problem. I'm not kidding. There are times (like 5 minutes ago, for instance) when I am on a website in the jewelry section and I literally have to keep myself from pinning all the things that I actually want.

It doesn't help that shopping for bridal & bridesmaids' jewelry has given me an excuse to spend hours after work searching through websites for possibilities.

Bauble Bar
I think I could spend days on Bauble Bar and constantly find new pieces that I want.

Kate Spade
I probably look at the Kate Spade website daily. At least weekly. I got these gold knots from JMC for Valentine's Day and they quickly became my go-to stud. I'm wearing them right now.

J. Crew
I DEFINITELY look at the J. Crew website daily. There is no question. Mrs. C gave me the aqua link bracelet and I wear it with everything that color may remotely look good with.

Source: jcrew.com via Kendall on Pinterest

Source: jcrew.com via Kendall on Pinterest

I may be behind the times, but I just recently stumbled upon Sylvia Benson, Loren Hope, and Swell Caroline.

Sylvia Benson
What's great about Sylvia Benson's jewelry is the number of color options. Both this bracelet and this necklace come in five or more colors of beads.

Loren Hope
I love the simple designs of Loren Hope that add just a little something extra to an outfit. No kidding, I want these studs in every color they come in (navy, hot pink, sea foam, yellow, all gorgeous).

Swell Caroline
I love Swell Caroline's simple earring options for my bridesmaids. I just can't quite decide on which ones!

What jewelry are you loving right now?

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