Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wedding Jewelry

You would think that with my jewelry obsession it would take me no time to pick out my wedding accessories. False. It's worse.

I am having the same problem with jewelry as I had with my shoes. I can't find what I have pictured in my head.

What I really want to wear is just a big ol' pair of earrings. Something flashy and awesome. Preferably with pearls and rhinestones to match other parts of my wedding ensemble. I tend toward more vintage-inspired pieces.

Bridal Jewelry

1. These and #4 are pretty similar. I like them because they are similar to the shoe clips that I have for my bridal shoes. 2. These are awesome because they resemble quatrefoils. Enough said. 3. These are pretty, but I wish the white/cream part was more pearl rather than the opaque color they are. And they're clip-ons. No thanks to that. 4. Again, love the emerald cut of the CZ with the pave edge.

The biggest issue I have with finding jewelry online is that I have no way of knowing really how big it is. I really appreciate the websites that have size comparison photos, but most don't.

I swear I have searched every website I can think of that would have bridal jewelry. Anyone have any ideas that I may have missed? I'm definitely going to have to go in-store shopping to actually be able to see them in person.

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